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Thanks to all who attended our 2014 Wetlands Conference, Discovering Wetlands! Nearly 300 people attended the conference to learn about the latest in wetland science, management, restoration, and related policy matters. We hope to see you at our next conference -- our 20th Anniversary -- in Madison February 24-26, 2015.


Thanks to photographer Monika Blazs for contributing her skills to this year's conference. Additional thanks to Katie Beilfuss and Gail Epping Overholt, whose images are also used below.

Keynote Speaker Dr. John Anfinson
National Park Service

Tracy Hames, La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat, and
WWA Board Chair Alison Peña

Screening of the new documentary film
Mysteries of the Driftless

Mysteries of the Driftless Executive Producers
Tim Jacobson and George Howe

Tracy Hames with Banquet Presenter Kenny Salwey

Kenny Salwey, the Last River Rat

Fish, fowl, flood, water lily mud: Using poetry to get to the heart of wetlands

Tara Davenport works the Presentation Loading Kiosk

Dr. Mandy Little presenting

Members of the 2014 Conference Advisory Panel

Representatives of Wisconsin's tribes whose participation in the conference was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation

Despite the miserable weather forecast, one intrepid busload of field trippers headed out for a tour of the La Crosse Marsh

Myrick-Hixon Eco Park at the La Crosse Marsh


What are wetlands, and how do we identify and assess them?

Where are wetlands, and what is their role in the landscape?

Why are wetlands important, and why should we be working to protect, restore, and manage them?

Join us for Discovering Wetlands, Wisconsin Wetlands Associationís 19th Annual Wetland Conference, this February to be a part of defining and developing the way our region understands and manages our important wetland and water resources.

We look forward to gathering with wetland scientists, managers, and other professionals and students from the Midwest to learn new identification and assessment approaches and techniques; hear about approaches to incorporating wetlands into community planning; and discuss the latest in wetland science, management, restoration, and protection issues.

This yearís conference will be held on the banks of the upper Mississippi river -- an area recognized as both regionally and globally important. The area is a Wisconsin Wetland Gem™ and was designated a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention in 2010, one of only 35 such sites in the U.S. The corridorís complex structure of islands, braided channels, oxbows, and sloughs include more than 51,000 acres of floodplain forest and 48,000 acres of marsh. Millions of dollars have been -- and continue to be -- invested in cutting edge techniques to restore and manage these important but highly altered natural systems, which are also crucial to commercial navigation and transportation and support local, regional, and national economies.

This 2-day Wetlands Conference will include a keynote address, organized symposia, topical oral sessions, a poster session, working groups, a banquet, and wetland field trips. Following a nearly two-decade-long tradition, we anticipate that this yearís conference will contribute to a growing regional collaboration for protecting and conserving Wisconsinís wetlands.

WWA invites wetland experts and enthusiasts from around the Midwest region and beyond to join us for our 2014 conference. Our audience typically includes:

  • Scientists from colleges and universities
  • Federal and state agency scientists
  • Federal and state agency regulators
  • Local government staff and officials
  • Tribal staff
  • Natural resource managers (public and private)
  • Private consultants
  • Land trust staff and volunteers
  • Graduate and undergraduate students in the natural sciences
  • Staff of local, statewide, and regional non-profit conservation groups
  • Volunteer leaders of non-profit conservation groups
  • Wetland enthusiasts and concerned citizens
  • Members of the media


  • 2013 - Great Wetlands, Healthy Watersheds
  • 2012 - Urban Wetlands
  • 2011 - Wetlands in the Landscape
  • 2010 - Wetlands In Service
  • 2009 - Joint Meeting with the Society of Wetland Scientists: Wetland Connections
  • 2008 - Wetlands in the 21st Century: Altered Landscapes & Changing Climates
  • 2007 - Riverine Wetlands: Connections, Corridors & Catchments
  • 2006 - Wisconsin's Wetlands: Biodiversity & Threats
  • 2005 - Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands