We are dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems through science-based programs, education, and advocacy. We are a statewide non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.

We envision a state where wetlands are healthy, plentiful, and support ecological and societal needs, and where citizens care for, appreciate, and interact with these natural resources.  Join us in making this vision a reality.

We are a non-partisan, science-based professional organization advocating for wetlands. These values guide our work:

  • Achieving solutions through thoughtful collaborations with partners and strong support of staff.
  • Inspiring others to enjoy, appreciate, and respect wetlands throughout the state.
  • Engaging communities to actively participate in activities that protect and preserve wetlands.
  • Committing to doing high quality work and ensuring accountability through measurable goals and work products.

Read our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan to learn more about our goals and how we’re accomplishing them.