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Wetlands 101

Things you can do with wetlands:

  1. LEARN about wetlands
  2. EXPLORE a wetland near you
  3. PROTECT & RESTORE wetlands
  4. LEARN about Better, Healthier Wetlands
  5. JOIN Wisconsin Wetlands Association
  6. ENGAGE: Follow us on facebook

Learn about wetlands.
Any time is a great time to learn what wetlands are and why they matter.

  1. Wetlands protect our communities from flooding
  2. Wetlands clean and filter water for drinking, swimming, boating and fishing
  3. Wetlands help recharge our groundwater
  4. Wetlands protect our shorelines
  5. Wetlands provide critical habitat for fish and wildlife
  6. Wetlands provide places for education and recreation (outdoor recreation is a leading driver of Wisconsinís vital tourism economy)

Learn more about the natural benefits of wetlands by reading about "Workhorse Wetlands" (PDF, 1MB), and by reading about how wetlands benefit your community (PDF, 2MB).
  • Where can I find a wetland? Wisconsin Wetlands Association designated 100 Wetland Gems® in 2009, shining a light on valuable habitat and pinpointing 100 jewels we should naturally treasure. Find a Wetland Gem® near you! We have also produced a full-color, spiral-bound guide to Wisconsinís Wetland Gems® that makes a great companion to your Wisconsin gazeteer for planning vacations and getaways.

Explore a wetland near you.
Explore opportunities to "get your feet wet" in a wetland near you!

Protect and restore wetlands. Wisconsin Wetlands Association has developed several tools to help the people of Wisconsin be better wetland advocates and wetland stewards.

  • Learn about the wetlands on your property and how to care for them. 75% of Wisconsin's wetlands are in private ownership. WWA has published My Healthy Wetland: A Handbook for Wetland Owners. Featuring beautiful color photos, this handbook is a quick read, full of information about wetlands and actions landowners can take to keep their wetlands healthy and teeming with wildlife. We also have created a suite of webpages, My Healthy Wetlands, to provide information, tools, and resources to help landowners understand and manage their wetlands.
  • Advocate for wetlands. Our Protecting Wetlands web pages are designed to help the people of Wisconsin turn their concern for wetlands into informed and effective action for wetland protection.

  • WWA has also developed a Local Government Outreach Program to educate local decision-makers about the public benefits of wetlands and to help local governments better protect local wetlands. Learn more here and share this work with your local community leaders.
  • Restore Wetlands. More than half of the original 10 million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin have been lost. Restoring wetlands that were ditched, drained, and tiled will help restore many of the important natural benefits that wetlands provide. Our award-winning Wetland Restoration Handbook encourages responsible and effective restoration of wetlands by covering the fundamentals of wetland restoration in a fun and exciting way. (Much of the content of this Handbook is also available on our website. To download PDF versions of Handbook chapters, visit Wisconsin DNR's website.)

Join Wisconsin Wetlands Association.
Wisconsin Wetlands Association offers
award-winning programs that help to protect and restore wetlands and provide opportunities for their enjoyment to the public. Our work is possible because of the support of our members.

The support we receive from individuals allows us to address many of Wisconsinís wetlandsí most basic needs -- from advocacy at the state capitol against legislation that is harmful to wetlands and waterways, to programs for landowners on wetland restoration techniques, to science-based education about the impacts of invasive species on wetland health and function. Please help us be able to continue this important work by supporting Wisconsin Wetlands Association -- do your part to make a difference for the survival and health of Wisconsinís wetlands. Join today!

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Check out other wetland resources.
Weíve collected a few of our favorite links to help connect you with other resources of information about wetlands:

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